Navigating Your Insurance Claim

Step 1 Contact a Qualified Contractor

If you are reading this document, you have already taken the first step toward insuring a positive contracting experience. First choose a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. Check how long the contractor has been in business and if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Check for a permanent address and phone number to make sure the contractor is a legitimate local business.

Step 2 File a claim with your insurance agent

Contact your insurance agent or company to notify them that you have suffered damage and need to file a claim. Your insurance carrier will then issue you a claim number. It is very important that you not lose your claim number. All subsequent contact with your insurance company will require confirmation of this number.

Step 3 Schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster

In addition to the evaluation provided by O C Roofing Services an adjuster from your insurance company will need to review the damage to your home. We suggest that you schedule a time that allows for your presence at the appointment as well as an Olympic team member. Lastly, inquire as to when you should expect receipt of your loss summary report.

Step 4 Scheduling production

Within three to five days of acceptance of our estimate, an O C Roofing Services, Inc. customer service representative will contact you to confirm selection of your shingle color, any upgrade options, and a production start date. It is very important that we receive final confirmation of your shingle color a minimum of two weeks prior to the commencement of production.

Step 5 Production

Unless your roof is unusually large, O C Roofing Services can complete a roof tear off and replacement, from start to finish, in less than two days. Our highly skilled roofing specialists can complete between 25-40 squares per day.